Roulette Methods

The American version of roulette contains two slots of zero of an American eagle. This is why the American roulette is called as double zero roulette. Other versions of the same game can be found in countries likeGreece, Italy etc. The game is pretty simple to understand and play. At a time 8 players can participate in a spin in house. These players place their bets on numbers or a group of numbers and the trick is to make the ball fall in their wagered number slot. These bets are placed with colored chips laid on the table. The wheel is set spinning in motion and that is when the player is supposed to throw the ball in it and expect the result according to his bet. European Roulette is a game which is most popular in almost all the casinos all over the world. The roulette is a game which is played on a rolling wheel fixed on a table. It has 37 numbered slots which include the numbers 1 to 36 and a slot for the number 0. The trick is all the numbers are arranged in a non sequential manner on the wheel. The number slots are red and black in color while the 0 slot is always green.

Rules of Roulette

There are 2 specific roulette rules, which must be mentioned while placing the bets. First rule is “En Prison” rule that pertains just to even money bets. Second rule is “La Partage” rule and this one is like “En Prison” rule & also pertains just to the even money bets. However, it is easier, if the zero is hit, you will get back half of money that you bet on the even money bets.

What is the roulette system?

By definition, the roulette system is more and less complex set of the rules, which tell you when to begin betting and which bets to select & how much money you can bet on every step. Instructions generally look something like:

  • Wait until the columns has not hit five times in the row.
  • On sixth spin betting $1 on column.
  • If column was not hit, bet 1$ on column again.”
  • If no hit still, then bet $2 on column again.”
  • If unlucky still, ten bet $3 on same column.”
  • Easy enough, right? Follow these instructions till you make enough money!